This is the At Wild Woman.

She’s happiest in the mountains or by the sea. She doesn’t run from her heart, she listens to it. If you burn her to the ground she will rise from the ashes every time.

She is in no hurry. She can be restless. Her hair is usually messy and heart so big. She will never beg you to stay. She knows everything will be okay.

Her real home is deep in the forest. She takes her coffee black. She’ll wake before the sun one day and dance until it comes up the next. She searches for truth. She doesn’t need your validation. She can be a loner, but if you see the fire within her, she’ll be the most loyal companion you could ever find.

The Artist

Amanda Sandlin, the creator of At Wild Woman, is an artist and writer based in Boulder, Colorado, within the territories of the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho peoples. She photographed and created the majority of the At Wild Woman pieces digitally while living in her ’97 Toyota Previa minivan traveling around North America. You can learn more about her and view her current work at

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