Day 100: "Feel Your Feelings" Limited Edition Print
Day 100: "Feel Your Feelings" Limited Edition Print Day 100: "Feel Your Feelings" Limited Edition Print Day 100: "Feel Your Feelings" Limited Edition Print

This is a beautiful 4x6" limited-edition print on canvas sheet. The textures and colors are captured so well that it looks and feels like a true original piece!

There are only 25 of each print being offered in this run and each comes signed and numbered.

One of my favorite things about these prints is how creatively they can be displayed -- my favorite option is in a floating frame, which can be purchased in craft stores, online, Target, etc. The smooth canvas texture adds extra resiliency and protection to the piece.

Each print comes with an accompanied handwritten poem on beautiful, thick stock paper that can also be framed or displayed. The following poem will come with this piece.

You will love

and you will lose.

You will have days

walking on the moon.

You will fear falling

and flying too.

This is life as a human.

Feel your feelings,

and they will guide

you to you.

More about the piece and project:

In March 2019, I started a “100 Day Project” -- a collective experience where creatives all over the world choose a theme and create for 100 days.

I selected the theme “100 Days of Feeling My Feelings” because so much of my life was in flux. I needed time and space to reflect and process.

Every day I showed up, paintbrush in hand, and took emotional inventory, channeling whatever I felt that day into visual and written art.

My hope is that the words and art resonate with you, even in some small way. I hope they serve as a reminder that we are all living real, messy, complex lives, and each of us has something worthwhile to say and give to this world.

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