Custom Portrait
Custom Portrait Custom Portrait Custom Portrait Custom Portrait Custom Portrait

Create and capture a special moment or bond with a custom portrait. Ideal for weddings, holidays, special occasions, or just because... love.

Previous portrait examples...

Krislyn wanted a piece to gift to one of her best friends who was opening her own private practice. She described her so lovingly to me. “Riding her bike in the park, watching summer concerts at the botanical gardens, doing yoga on her fire escape. She’s driven, creative, kind, and the friend who connects people." 

Alex wanted a portrait with her sister for graduation so they could both take their prints off to college with them. "We are extremely close, and I want the art piece to symbolize us being together no matter where we are in the world." I drew them, hand in hand, the background a collage of the Rocky Mountains and the Arizona desert, to symbolize where they each would be spending the next chapter of their lives. Apart, but together in spirit.

Katie and her brothers all chipped in to purchase a custom portrait for their sister's wedding. We found a photo of where her sister and sister-in-law-to-be would be getting hitched and used it to make the portrait even more meaningful.

Portrait subjects are typically drawn holding hands, arms around each other's shoulders or backs, or both simply looking off into the distance side by side. Portraits can be drawn shoulder-up (with more detail in the hair) or full-length (gives you the option to customize style, clothing, and body positioning). These are the most common portrait styles, but the options are endless!

This fee includes custom art, a photograph background, and one 8x10" print.

To inquire about a collage background (see image #5 for reference), pets, children, more than 4 people in the portrait, or information on other specific custom details, please email

Timeline start-to-finish for a custom portrait is 4-6 weeks. Once the purchase is made I will be in touch within 1-2 business days to begin the portrait process. We will begin with a short questionnaire about whoever will be in the portrait. I will show you one concept/rough sketch before creating the first official draft. From there, you will have the availability to make two rounds of edits to the portrait.

Please select "Print & Card Shipping" at checkout. For international orders outside of our currently available countries, please email and we can give you a shipping quote. Thank you!