We love to focus on the external part of creativity -- what we produce and how we share it -- but how often do we sit down and take our sweet, sweet time exploring the inner world of our art?

What if you took one month to just be? To ask yourself questions that won't just make you think, but feel? What if you were able to pause, to breathe, to give your creativity the room it needed to really grow?

WITHIN is a guided month (do it at your own pace) all about turning inward with intention, focusing on discovering your unique voice as an artist, dealing with the challenges the creative life presents, like imposter syndrome, comparison, and what to do when you’re in a creative slump, and creating conditions that will allow your artistry to thrive.




If you're in, I want to acknowledge you as an "early embracer" of this program. Everyone who enrolls within the first two weeks (October 2-16) will receive lifetime access to every iteration of WITHIN. Yep! That includes any future additions of community, events, group coaching, and more.


WITHIN is one month -- broken down into four weekly packages:

  • One audio recording each week, by me (Amanda Sandlin) where I will share personal stories about my experience in this great big art world, burning creative questions, and philosophies on art and life.
  • Weekly worksheets -- including five different weekly exercises and series of introspective questions, for you, the artist! These are neatly designed on interactive PDFs, which can also be printed, if pen and paper is more your style.
  • A final bonus roundup packed with all of my favorite resources and inspiration for the creative life, from years and years of roamin' around.
  • All delivered to you via sweet, simple weekly emails for you to do at your own pace. 


Week One

Embracing Who You Are & Realizing Your Natural Gifts -- finding your unique creative voice and inspiration

Week Two

Comparison & Imposter Syndrome -- laying a solid, healthy creative foundation to deal with jealousy and comparison

Week Three

All About Slumps, Feeling Stuck, and Finding Your Flow -- discovering mindset shifts for clarity when everything feels off

Week Four

Consistency, Showing Up, & Your Creative Process -- developing a creative process that lights you up and taking action



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

I made this course for creatives who yearn to feel less alone in their artistic pursuits. This guided month is for anyone who views (or would like to view) themselves as an artist. Although the themes and questions are definitely broad enough to apply to any creative field -- including writers -- I made it through the lens of a visual artist, so that is something to keep in mind.

How long is the whole program?

Soon after you purchase the program you will receive an email with the first week's lesson and worksheets. There are four weekly lessons and worksheets, so if you keep up with each week's materials, it will take one month. You are welcome to save recordings and worksheets and to work at your own pace.

How much time does it require?

This is entirely up to you, but I recommend at least 30 minutes (minimum) for each experiment/exercise. The audio recordings last anywhere from 10-15 minutes each.

What will we be making this month?

Unlike my past guide, GRIT, this is not a practice-focused program. You are, of course, welcome to make art additionally, but WITHIN is purely learning and internal contemplation/work.

I have more questions for you, can I contact you?

Yes! Feel free to email any questions you may have to amanda@amandasandlin.com.