The At Wild Woman illustration series depicts the female form in wild spaces.

She’s happiest in the mountains or by the sea. She doesn’t run from her heart, she listens to it. If you burn her to the ground she will rise from the ashes every time.

She is in no hurry. She can be restless. Her hair is usually messy and heart so big. She will never beg you to stay. She knows everything will be okay.

Her real home is deep in the forest. She takes her coffee black. She’ll wake before the sun one day and dance until it comes up the next. She searches for truth. She doesn’t need your validation. She can be a loner, but if you see the fire within her, she’ll be the most loyal companion you could ever find.



About the Artist & Founder

Through a combination of photography, abstract paintings, and intricate digital and ink illustrations, self-taught artist Amanda Sandlin captures her experience as a woman in the wild. “Being a deeply feeling person, I’m just as intrigued by the inner landscape as the outer,” she says. “My work is about emotionally experiencing a place as well as watching snow fall, clouds crawl in a valley, or alpenglow radiating on peaks.”

Her journey as a creative entrepreneur began in early 2015 when she quit her day-job to start a freelance design business and pursue her personal artistry through "The Year of Making", where she made one piece of art every day for a year. After moving to New Zealand, and then into her van as she traveled solo through North America, she placed a light set of roots in the mountain west. Equal parts wanderer and homebody, she currently lives in Denver, but can often be found on the road, sea, and sky.

Amanda is available for design and illustration projects. You can see her portfolio and hire her here.