Amanda Sandlin is an artist and writer based in Boulder, Colorado. Her past work includes illustrations of women set over photography from her travels and oil paintings of contemporary, abstract landscapes.

She is currently elbows-deep in a new body of work, which is not yet available to the public for viewing or purchase.

Sandlin grew up homeschooled, splitting time between cruise ships, where her mother worked, and a small farm in Pennsylvania. Her nomadic and solitary upbringing led to a rich interior life and intimacy with nature, a relationship she explores through her work, often without consciously doing so.

Through countless miles meandering on dirt trails and many an afternoon plunged in rivers, nature is inescapable to Sandlin's creativity -- she says is "stamps her subconscious" and is as woven into her work as breath is to being alive.

In addition to visual art, Amanda writes and has self-published an art and poetry book, 100 Days of Feeling My Feelings, featuring 100 poems and paintings depicting her emotional state each day. A self-taught artist, Amanda received a BA in Journalism from Rider University.

Amanda is available for select design and illustration projects. You can reach her at