I am so honored and excited to be a contributor to A Simple Year starting this January 2019. 

A Simple Year is a guided 12 months of simplicity -- each month has a unique focus and is taught by a thought-leader, author, or advocate of simplicity in their field. 

I will be leading a module on NATURE in June!

During the NATURE module we will explore:

  • Cultivating a personal relationship with nature (even if you're not the stereotypical 'outdoorsy' type)
  • Realizing your impact on the earth and making small steps to be more mindful about it
  • Growing your own food -- even if you don't have a yard!
  • Spending less time in your head/on technology and focusing more on living from the heart and working with your hands



Please note: Registration is only open until January 31!

If there was less on your plate, fewer decisions to be made, and less stress about money and relationships, could you be happier, healthier, and feel more at ease?

How would that change your life?

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