The Most Challenging Parts of Being a Self-Employed Creative

1. It’s freaking lonely sometimes, man.

One of my biggest pain points when it comes to being a self-employed creative is loneliness. I’m saying this as a 95% introverted person. I love being by myself and working alone every day, but there are times it can drive you mad.

2. It’s extra challenging when dealing with depression and/or anxiety.

I’ve had a history of dealing with mood disorders before I became a creative entrepreneur. The added stress of this career path can exacerbate my symptoms when I’m having a depressive or anxious episode.

3. Imposter syndrome can feel impossible to escape.

Creating art and sharing it with the world is a vulnerable act that can easily lead to imposter syndrome. I feel like a fraud almost every time I do something new, from launching a new collection to simply posting a small “work in progress” shot on Instagram.

4. It’s easy to get caught in the comparison trap.

Everyone evolves on their own timeline, and maybe it’s just me, but there is an unspoken pressure in society that if you don’t “make it” by 30, you’ve missed your opportunity.




Sep 10, 2020



Sep 10, 2020


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