How to Get Rid of Creative Envy

Every day I am just amazed by what people are making, how smart and creative and fascinating everyone is. People are brilliant. Isn't it incredible? I didn't always feel this way.

T H E / G R I P / O F / J E A L O U S Y

Long before my life as a living, breathing, working creative, I would look around, see all this beautiful stuff being made, and have a serious case of creative envy. I wanted to make what they made, and I didn't want them to have done it.

I would think to myself, "I could've done that." But yeah, I didn't. In fact, I wasn't making or doing much of anything that I really loved.

T H E / L I G H T

A huge shift happened when I decided to make something happen for myself, instead of watching it all go off without me. So I left a life of suffocation, packed up my car, drove across the country, and took a job that half of my friends and family didn't even believe was REAL.

I started this little thing called "The Year of Making," where I made one small piece of art every day, and that's when things really started flowing.

N O W / F R E E

I am by no means perfect or 100% without jealousy ever, but I can honestly say that jealousy does not have control over me the way it used to, not at all. I hardly ever see others' work or lives and get that pang of envy.

This is huge and set me creatively free.

Ever since I started focusing on having fun, following my curiosity, taking risks, and actually MAKING THINGS...

  • I want to celebrate others, not steal from them. 
  • I want to share their work, not hide it. 
  • I want to rejoice in their successes, not snuff them.

All I can say is, you do you. If you're at that point and suffering from persistent jealousy, chances are you need to make something for yourself. Not for your job, not for your partner, not for your dog. You.

Action KILLS creative envy.

...and chances are that when you launch that new course or announce exciting news or post one of your newest creations on Instagram...

I am on the other side saying "Holy. That is STUNNING," showing it off to anyone within 10 feet of me, and doing a various assortment of hand gestures to express my enthusiasm.

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