A Creative Entrepreneur's Paradox

I think the happy place for any creative entrepreneur is balancing the two worlds of the present and the dream.

Maybe you can relate.

Some days I wake up and love everything about what I am doing. I realize the amazing opportunity I have to work with real PEOPLE and use my skills to help them achieve their dreams. With every client, I can push artistic and creative limits, and give the folks I work with the absolute best experience possible. I am honored to help them express who they are and what they believe.

Then some days, I wake up and yearn for more. I think, "Okay, I want more. I need more. I want to sell my art and write books and change the creative landscape. I want to be in art galleries and speak all over the world."

And I am slowly, quite pleasantly, realizing.. 


In fact, feeling both fully and allowing them to work together instead of choosing one over the other and forcing them to butt heads — it makes for a super happy creative entrepreneur.

T H E / P R E S E N T : Be where you are now. You have started. Freaking celebrate that. You are in the trenches. Most end before they even begin — tragic. But you are somewhere, you are here. Know that it doesn't have to be this way forever, but it is this way now, and that means there is something for you to learn.

T H E / D R E A M : Don't get comfortable. Find your edge and live at it. Always be searching, awake and ready for fire. Set goals and dream big vivid dreams that scare and thrill you. Push yourself. Feel pulled. Don't be afraid to say you want more. Wake up and work to get there every. single. day.

But don't resent your present. Don't waste your time on such a pointless emotion. Find that really fired up, dynamic place of being content and happy in the now AND wanting more for your future.

Be here, but keep dreamin' BIG.

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