A Case for Coffee Photos, Creative Entrepreneurship, & Coconut Oil
At 16 I didn't care much for popularity. I wanted to be different. 

I didn't want to go to the college everyone else applied to. I pushed the boundaries of our khaki-and-polo-shirt uniforms. I volunteered for positions others overlooked — newspaper editor, study abroad in Ghana, school-wide mock presidential debate. (I was Dick Cheney. We all made mistakes when we were young, right?)

The drive to carve my own path is still a big part of my identity, and I cherish it. But now I see there is a big difference between trying something different because I really want to vs. doing something different just to be different.

The first stems from an internal desire, and the second from outward motivation.

The bottom line — If you truly love something, love it. If a different path genuinely interests you, pursue it.

Whether it's popular or not. Trending or so last season. I don't see any difference between doing something to fit in and not doing something to stand out.

Maybe you want to start weaving, but you heard someone complain that weaving is now commonplace... mainstream... all this attention is ruining the ART. And anyone who jumps on the weaving bandwagon isn't really an artist because it's so overdone. 

Errrrr, nonononononono. Nope. NOOOOOOPE.

If you want to weave (or paint, or draw, or take film photographs...), go out tomorrow morning and get what you need to do it. And be proud of what you make. Love the craft. Do what YOU want, unapologetically. Popular or not.

Same goes for whatever else is prevalent or passe... Instagram photos of your coffee. Abstract art. Creative entrepreneurship. #vanlife. Big house. Tiny home. Life coaching. Coconut oil.

People will always find something to complain about, especially on the Internet. So might as well truly enjoy what you're doing, right? 

Doesn't matter if it's trendy or mainstream, eccentric or remarkable. Do what you want to do. Do it. Love it. Unapologetically.

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